We Who Served has Veteran website developers. We can provide support and service for nearly any type of website. We specialize in WordPress which is the most popular website development tool. It integrates with Social Media automatically, looks good on all size screens including smartphones and HD TV’s and is easy for the end user (that is you) to manage with a little training. If you want full time support for the website and social media part of your business we can provide that too.

Best of all you are getting all American service and helping a Veteran at the same time. Our prices vary based on your requirements and the skill of the developer. Average prices for a redesign of a 5 page website are between $500 and $750. We can handle everything from the small “mom & pop shop” to large corporations. Drop us a line and we can give you an estimate over the phone.

Here are some examples besides this website. GoldStarr Limousine | WeWhoServed.net | Outer Banks Mall | Stover Energy. We have done well over 100 sites.

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