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Terms and Conditions

Business Owners & Listing Agents:


You are responsible for the upkeep of your business listing. You or the person entering your business information are able to login, create, edit or delete your own listing. WeWhoServed is not responsible for your listing and we provide no warranty of service in relation to your listing.


If your listing was entered by a webmaster or someone other than you and you want it updated or removed please use our contact form. We will verify you are the owner of the business by telephone. Please provide your business telephone number for verification. This is the only way we can modify, change ownership or delete your listing.


We do not share your information with any third parties. You will receive automated emails about your listing status. We may also contact you for other reasons. However, we promise to never spam you through mass marketing emails or calls.


Site Visitors:


When you visit we collect data for site statistics using any or all of the following tools: AW Stats, Jetpack Stats, Google Analytics, and various other statistical programs as we deem fit. Web statistic software is not used to compromise or track your personal data. IP addresses, locations if you have them turned on, etc are tracked to provide you with local search results. only used standardized web statistical software that is used by the vast majority of websites on the world wide web. You do not need an account to access our business discount and coupons. If you contact a business they may receive the personal information you provide, normally your email address. If you visit their website or social media accounts your privacy is contingent upon their terms of service and privacy rules.


Privacy Policy, click here.