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We work with Veterans, civilians, churches, scouts or any organization looking to raise money for themselves and help Veterans. 50% of our AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) goes to help Veterans and Veteran organizations.

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Civilian Business Owner?

If you are a civilian business owner you can help by listing your business. We have 3  listing levels in our directory. At your option you can join the We Who Served Bonus Card Program. The Bonus Card Program gives you the option to give discounts you list. Similar to the Bonus Cards offered by the Big Stores but for the Small to Medium Sized business owners. Be a Hero – Click here to learn how.

Caring for a Veteran?

Are you caring for a Veteran? We have a way to help with that financially. It does require some work on  your part. We are not a non profit organization. We believe in working for what we receive and you should too. It does not have to be hard but it will require some of your time. Please click here to tell us more.

Veteran Business Owner?

If you are a Veteran Business Owner we have a special discount rate. You get the same level of service. If you want to give back you do not need to take advantage of this offer. Please use this Contact form to receive your discount code. Thank you for your service and participation. We have some other benefits that might interest you as well. We will include those details in our reply email.

Veteran That Needs Help?

Are you a Veteran that needs help? Let us know what your status is. If you can work a phone or a computer we can put you to work. It doesn’t matter if you are disabled or simply discharged after honorable service. We are here to help guide you into whatever type of future you envision. Click here to contact us.

About the Website - Click Here

We are for profit.

The main idea is to give Veterans a way to do something that will give them meaning, direction and purpose in life after military service. The first are those in need due to physical or psychological disability. Next are those able bodied who are simply looking for a way forward. To give more to Veterans we want to start you as your own independent business. That way we can give Veterans 51% and split our remainder by 50% and give that away to worthy Veteran organizations. In other words we are going to run on approximately 23% once we account for commissions, donations and overhead.

After seeing Wounded Warriors and others ask regular civilians to donate $19 per month I realized business owners like myself would be willing to do more but would want something in return. We are not giving away a blanket or any momento on a one time basis. We are selling listings for your business that live on the web 24/7/365.

A business listing on the web can be a powerful thing. Business owners can add their complete textual content, images, a Google Map, phone number, website link, social media links and even be contacted through their listing. At higher level tiers we can offer serious discounts on website hosting, email, domain names, servers, website development and management.

We know that one size does not fit everyone. We are flexible and can customize something for the business owner and the reseller.

We offer considerable commissions to our resellers. We want people to be able to make a living off of their work. We are always looking for sales staff, those interested in fundraising for veterans, churches and other organizations. Contact us to find out more.

About the Developer - Click Here

Hi all, I’m Mike Kelly, webmaster, consultant, and retired Air Force. I retired from the 193rd Special Operations Wing in Nov 2002. I was only 44 years old and a couple thousand a month in military retirement was not going to cut it. Starting over with a new company as a junior employee was not going to work for me  either. I did work for a company selling websites briefly. Then I saw the benefit of opening up my own web development business.

I was in the Aircrew Life Support career field. Sometime in the early 1990’s I was asked to Beta Test a new computer program called ALSMS (Aircrew Life Support Management System). Long story short I ended up co-developing a new computer program that moved information from the old DOS (black blinky screen computers) to this new fangled thing called Windows.

My primary job relating to ALSMS was as a technical advisor to the programmer. I also authored the User’s Manual using one of the earliest versions of Word that allowed me to add images and create hyperlinks. I then moved into creating Intranet sites for the shop and helped others develop their own. The ALSMS program went military wide and even included NASA. The military started flying people in from all around the world so I could train liaisons. It was an busy exciting time.

After I retired in 2002 I decided to start working for a web company selling websites. I made thousands my first month on the job. It did not take me long to realize I could do it all myself and make even more. I quit working for others and started working for myself. I never looked back.

I made it and so can you. One of my main goals is to teach you how to manage your own business. You can join me in the technology and business consulting arena or pick what you want to do. We can connect you with Free help to start your own business of nearly any type. I believe many Veterans are just like me. We are better off running our own businesses.

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