We Who Served

Businesses, Veterans, and everyone benefit!

Get your We Who Served discount card from any participating business, then use it at any participating business regardless of where you got it.

For Businesses

We Who Served provides a Discount Card Key Tags for your business. The plan is simple and not limited to veterans receiving the discount.

  • Purchase a minimum of 500 Discount Cards for $500
  • Ask your customers if they would like to donate $1 to help veterans so you pay nothing
  • Your discount offer goes on this website where people can find it
  • Various listing options are available for a small annual fee
  • The Discount Card has your information on one side and looks like a Dog Tag on the other side with the WeWhoServed.com logo.

We solve the problem of overpriced advertising by giving small to medium-sized businesses the same power as the big stores!

For Veterans, Family & Friends

Veterans, family, and friends can sell the We Sho Served loyalty card to make money for themselves and veteran organizations.

We share 50% of profits with those who sell it and use the other 50% to maintain our website and donate to worthy local veteran organizations.

FAQ’s and About Us

Are you veteran owned?

Yes. We are veteran owned and operated. All our services and providers are All-American.

Are you a non-profit?

We are for profit but give at least 50% of our AGI away which is the maximum allowed by the Federal Tax Code. The main purpose of this website is to provide financial support for veteran organizations and individual veterans.

We do not ask for donations!

Why don't you ask for donations?

The veterans community prides itself on self-reliance. We are fiercely independent. To quote a veteran friend,

“Veterans are the last to ask for help but the first to come to the aid of their fellow veterans and country.” ~ Allen McCormack

How to you make money?

We provide various services through veterans as well as by family and friends of veterans and businesses that are All-American. All things being equal wouldn’t you rather buy from a veteran or someone supporting veterans?

The Discount Card Service

Our discount card is available to all U.S. based businesses. Just like your grocery or drug store loyalty or bonus card, ours is developed primarily with the small to medium-sized business in mind.

Over 99 percent of America’s 28.7 million firms are small businesses. The vast majority (88 percent) of employer firms have fewer than 20 employees, and nearly 40 percent of all enterprises have under $100k in revenue. Click here to see more.

Free for your business - $1 for your customers

The We Who Served Discount Card Key Tag helps you promote your business and lets customers know you proudly support Veterans.

  • Costs you nothing
  • Keeps customers loyal
  • Advertises your business
  • Gives you the same power as Big Stores
  • Can be used as a local fundraiser
  • 100% American Made
  • Supports Veterans & First Responders

You purchase a minimum of 500 Loyalty Tags for $500. You ask customers if they would like to donate $1 to help veterans. Your customers get the Loyalty Tag and a good feeling by helping veterans. You get your Discount Card Free. Use it for advertising or offer a discount on this website or on your own website.

Our customers call it a No Brainer!

  • 500 Tags for $500
  • 1,000 Tags for $900
  • 2,500 Tags $1,800
  • 5,000 Tags for $3,000
  • 10,000 tags for $4,500