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Discounts for everyone.

WeWhoServed.com discount key tag directory is for everyone! It works like the discount key tags you take to the grocery store and pharmacy. Get your discount key tag at one location and use it at any participating business! 

How we work with veterans & first responder organizations.

Let’s say you are a veteran or first responder, relative or organization that needs to raise money. You or your organization can provide our services to businesses in your local area. We Who Served does not collect the money. You or your organization does. All we ask is for you to provide us 10% of what you collect from annual listings to keep this website running.

Let’s use a simple example. Your American Legion wants to do a fundraiser. If you sell a listing to a business for $99 per year you give us $9 per year for the listing. This allows us to check the listing and provide the web server and programing updates need to keep the website running.


We Who Served is multifaceted.

WeWhoServed.org is our veteran-centric website that is like Facebook. As it grows you will be able to send friend requests to veterans in your area that have similar interests. Reducing homelessness and veteran suicide is the main goal. Unlike Facebook it is private and we are not selling your information!

WeWhoServed.net is our technology website. We currently have 24/7 All-American technical support staff to serve your business. We provide website hosting, domain names, spam-resistant personal and business level email plans and even the latest VPS and Dedicated servers! We also provide training materials on website development. We also have the ability to hold online training sessions by remotely connecting computers.

What can you do to help?

  • Spread the word about the We Who Served Discount Key Tag program. Almost any business can benefit and they are guaranteed to make their money back and more. Show them this page. You will save on future purchases from your favorite business.
  • Join our veteran organization website. Share it with your friends. It can only succeed with your help.
  • Point a veteran in need of work our way. We will start training them or lead them in the right direction.

The video below helps to explain some of the things we are trying to help our fellow veterans overcome. By providing fellowship, resources, income and training the veteran can move forward to help themselves along with the type of comrades they were accustomed to in the service. Veterans are often the last to ask for help but the first to offer a helping hand. It is time we reach out to each other and lend that helping hand. Thanks to Five Finger Death Punch for creating this video!