If you are a veteran, veteran organization or someone caring for a veteran you are welcome to become a We Who Served Discount Key Tag reseller. We share 50% of our profits with you.

What you will need:

  1. A PayPal or Square account or some method of accepting credit card payments from businesses. PayPal is preferred. You can do a check but since our plan relies on an automatic recurring annual fee it is best to use an automated system like PayPal or Square.
  2. We hope to make enough to pay for an Affiliate Plugin that will allow us to pay you in the future. For now, we have to ask you to collect the entire amount and pay us the difference which is 50% of the profits.
  3. You will need to Register an account by clicking here. Once we touch base on the phone or by email we will send you a discount code to use for future purchases.
  4. Key Tags are sold in minimum lots of 500. With each purchase of 500 Key Tags, the business gets a year listing. We have made that 380 days since it can take up to 15 days to get the Key Tags shipped to the business.
  5. All Key Tags are made in the U.S.A. and require the business to approve the proof before shipping.

How much you will make:

  1. Our profit on 500 Key Tags is $288. That means you will make $144 per 500 Key Tags sold. When you go to check out you will use a discount code that will take your price to us down to $356.
  2. For annual recurring listings, we charge you $149  for each listing sold at $299 per year. This is where PayPal comes in very handy. It is fully capable of billing you on an automatic recurring basis. When you sign a business up you can also use the automatic recurring payments to receive your payments.

What do we do with our profits:

  1. We pay for our overhead. Eventually, this system will need a fully dedicated server or set of servers as it grows. Right now a single server is around $500 per month.
  2. We also need to pay for someone to monitor listings, settle disputes and train people. We believe the workman is worthy of their hire and intend to pay a livable wage.
  3. After our overhead is taken care of we will then donate 50% of our Adjusted Gross Income to veterans and veteran charities that meet high standards.  50% of AGI is the maximum a for-profit business can donate under current Federal Tax Regulations.
  4. The final outcome is we will be able to be a for-profit business and give 75% away.