Reseller Program

You can make money with We Who Served and benefit yourself, your organization and Veterans all at one time. The plan is simple.

You make over 50% with our reseller program. Simply contact businesses and get them to sign up on our website. You will need to establish an account with us. Use our contact form. We will call you to answer any questions you have.

If you have a PayPal account and a sense for business you can make more. If you collect the money and pay us the difference between your reseller rate and our public rates we can give you a 70% discount off our prices. All you need is a way to collect the money. PayPal is the easiest. You can use whatever method you prefer for collecting recurring annual payments.

Our website is set to take automatic recurring payments using our PayPal account. PayPal offers you the ability to bill your customers on a recurring basis using their Subscription feature. Best of all PayPal is free. They only bill you when you make a sale. They accept all major credit cards and charge a flat 2.9% and 30 cents per transaction fee. Click here for details.

Easy Steps to become a Reseller
  1. Contact us using our contact form and let us know you are interested.
  2. We will add you as a Registered Member of the website and create a public profile for you. Your discount will be assigned to your login information. You must be logged in to get the discount.
  3. Open a PayPal account or use some kind of recurring payment system.
  4. Sell listings on
  5. Best of all we are here to support you.
Webmasters and Advertising Agencies
If you are already a web developer / webmaster, advertising agency or anyone in need of technical services this is for you.
Web developers and Advertising Agencies all need technology for their customers. You can help us by simply purchasing one of our great feature packed reseller hosting platforms.
Our Reseller Hosting system is now available for $79.99 per year. You get your own storefront website with 24/7 American tech support. Here is how ours are setup and You can set it up as a domain or subdomain. The first one is where we provide extra services and the second one is just hosting, email etc at basic prices.
Plus you get the following for your own use or for customers you bill directly at no extra charge:
1. 5 Managed WordPress hosting systems that use SSD. Value $539 per year.
2. 1 Deluxe level Cpanel host similar to the one you are on now. You are on our dedicated server but this one is very good. Value $107 per year.
3. 100 Gig online storage Value $29.99 per year.
4. Website Builder – Business Plus Version. Value $311 per year.
5. Business level email. 5 inboxes – Value $95 per year.
6. Search Engine Visibility – Value $29.99 per year.
7. 1 year free SSL
Even if you don’t ever use your Reseller hosting system you can see that NOBODY can compete with these prices. Not even when their products are on loss leader sale.

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