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Installatron – WordPress Migration, Cloning and Management

With our Installatron feature you can manage WordPress and a host of other applications. Did you ever run into an issue with your WordPress website? With Installatron  you can keep handy backups on your hosting platform or in a free Dropbox account.

Want to move to our hosting platform from another web host? It’s easy with Installatron. Let  our 24/7 All American tech support guide you through the process over the phone.

Want your WordPress site kept up to date? With Installatron you can keep it all up to date automatically. Best of all a complete backup of your site is made before automatic updates happen. Installatron will even email you when things have been done so you can check them out. You can also disable routine notices and get just the ones you want.

Having trouble with hackers trying to login? Installatron offers 2 solutions. First is the handy dandy “Limit Login Attempts” feature. You set the number of login attempts allowed or just go with the default. Second is Clef. Use your smartphone app to login to your website. Only you and other Cleff users can be authorized to login or just set it for your Admins.

Want to access your WordPress admin through your Cpanel area? It’s simple with Installatron. Just click a link and you will be logged in. Let’s face it, Cpanel is more secure.

Time for a WordPress website remodel? Simply Clone your current WordPress site, make your modifications and replace your main website with the new one. See the Video below or have our support team walk you through it on the phone. Click here and call our support team.

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