We will not support Wounded Warriors Project

Wounded Warriors Project has been in the news many times. Accusations of extravagant spending abound. At the same time we know that Wounded Warriors Project has helped many veterans. Sure, you can argue this a thousand ways. Personally I’m not interested in getting into the nuts and bolts of the controversy. We will let that up to investigative journalists.

We are a For Profit business. Federal Law only allows us to give 50% of our AGI (adjusted gross income) away. That is a significant amount of money when it comes to a for profit business. When we give, we will do our best to ensure we are donating to a highly reputable non profit organization.

See the video below for the most recent accusation.

It begins

It begins

This is the first post for We Who Served. This project has been nearly 3 years in the making. The first thing we had to do was open our website hosting, domain name and email website. See it here. It is Veteran Owned and backed up by one of the world’s largest providers. We also created 2 other websites that we are keeping for our Resellers. Resellers can sign up for membership and get the opportunity to start their own company¬†or work with us at a discount rate.

The first Veteran organization we are donating 50% to is the 193rd Special Operations Wing Association. See the WikiPedia article on the unit at this link. You can see the Association website at this link. The 193rd Special Operations Wing Association is a 501 non profit organization. Your payment is 100% tax deductible under advertising for your business. We then give 50% of that to Veteran organizations or directly to Veterans in need depending on the circumstances and need.

In addition to the directory listing on this website, businesses will also get a listing on the 193rd Special Operations Wing Association website as a Sponsor. The 193rd has GSU’s (Geographically Separated Units) throughout Pennsylvania. Membership is over 2,000!

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